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Start All Over
Sunday, June 19, 2016 | 0 comment(s)
Its been a while since I last posted something on my blog.I checked my dashboard and my last post was 4 years ago, :P  Now thats really a while.
A lot of things has change over the years.Im now 20.
No longer the 15/16 years old teenage girl that I once was.I grew up. 
As I was rereading my old blogpost back,that WTF did I write feeling came.
Hey,cant blame my younger self for that, :) 
I decided to start blogging again,this shall be my first post since forever :P

Love is A Four Letter Word
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 0 comment(s)

That Bond We Have,
Saturday, February 9, 2013 | 0 comment(s)

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Hole In My Pocket
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | 0 comment(s)

Inilah signboard kedai yang menebuk lubang di poket anak muda yang comel .
P.S: Signboard takde dalam menu.Muahahaha.
The title speaks for itself! :D Okay,the other day,I decided to put my amateur photography skills on a test,by going out to take my first ever picture using my first ever DSLR.The photos turned out great!(I think it did, :P)
           Woiwoi.Be nice.I'm an amateur! :P Anyways,so as I was brainstorming thinking about what pictures should I take.Mum pun bagi idea yang separuh bernas dan bakal dikesali selepas ini,"Apakata lunch dekat Chili's BSC?".And without further delay,we get ready and pergi sana.Muka masing-masing teruja sebab kali pertama adik bongsu serta anak bongsu dalam keluarga nak belanja makan.Hew hew. :P
            Tak tahu what's wrong with me,I was so generous at that time so I said yes.Walaupun tahu risiko poket berlubang lepasnie.Itulah kali pertama dan mungkin terakhir I will treat anyone lunch dekat Chili's. The bill was around RM273.14 je.Tapi for a 16 year old yang hanya ada RM500 dalam poket,amaun tu macam 2 juta. :P Enjoy the pictures guys!

WARNING:Ini tak ada dalam menu! :P

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Dia Kehilangan Orang Yang Sangat Mencintainya!
Sunday, December 18, 2011 | 2 comment(s)

Jangan sesekali hadir dalam hidup seseorang kalau ia hanya akan menghancurkan perasaannya. Jangan pernah menatap matanya jika semua yang kamu lakukan hanya kepalsuan belaka. Perkara yang paling kejam adalah membiarkan seseorang jatuh cinta sedangkan kamu tidak mencintainya.
Suatu hari, seseorang yang sedang putus cinta menangis di taman. Datang seorang ahli falsafah bertanya kepadanya, "kenapa kamu menangis?"
Orang itu menjawab, "aku sangat sedih kerana kekasihku telah meninggalkan aku".
Lalu ahli falsafah itu tertawa sambil berkata, "kamu bodoh sekali!"
Lalu orang itu menjawab, "kenapa berkata begitu? aku sedang putus cinta dan sudah cukup menyedihkan, tak apalah kalau kamu tak mahu memujukku, tapi janganlah mentertawakanku."
"Bodoh, kamu tak perlu sedih kerana yang seharusnya sedih adalah dia." kata ahli falsafah.
"Kenapa dia yang harus bersedih, bukankah dia yang meninggalkanku?"
"Kamu kehilangan orang yang TIDAK mencintaimu, tetapi dia kehilangan orang yang SANGAT mencintainya," jawab ahli falsafah itu.
#Copypaste =D P.s:Ini adalah entry 1st yang dalam bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya.Dan entry pertama yang di-copy paste hokeh! :D

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To Abah,With love
Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | 0 comment(s)

Abah has always and will always plays an important role in my life.When he was still around,every decision would only be made after I consult him or ask him for his opinion.Of course,based on what you have read above,I definitely am daddy's little girl and am a proud one! =D He always taught me that in life,you'll never be succesful in every single one of your attempt,but whats important is,you try hard enough.One will only fail at something if he or she didnt  try hard.Whenever you've work hard for something and yet you still fails,take a deep breath,hold your head up high,smile and say,"I've tried my best,maybe now is just not the time for me to shine and be succesful yet,".

           Growing up,I've always been close to abah.He's my inspiration,my idol and needless to say the main reason why I want to become a succesful person in life.Abah was a very friendly person.He always told me to say hi to our neighbours whenever we met them,just like he did.Maybe that's the reason why he has tons of friends and a great relationship with our neighbours.When I was little,I follow abah to his office most of the time.Most of his co-workers knows me well as abah has established a very close relationship with them.

            Abah also told me that,in order to become a great leader,one should be able to lead himself  first.He has always been supportive towards me and my ambition.That makes me want  to be succesful even more.I feel somehow happy and great whenever I see that huge smile on his face whenever I told him about my achievements in school.My family has always been supportive but abah was my number 1 fan.He supports every good things that I wanted to do and the  good things that I've done.Whenever I'm feeling down,abah will always stand by me and give me tons of motivation,words of wisdom and quotes from the book that he has finished reading. =P
          Abah has always been my biggest influence in life and it shall remain that way.He passed away on 29th August last year leaving the whole family in a state of shock.He passed away during Ramadhan to be exact.Everyone were definitely sad and felt terrible that he is no longer with us.I definitely took it the worst,and thank god for family at times like this.Everyone told me that during his time around,he never wants his daughter to cry  and they're all sure that it still remains the same.But still for me,it's hard.Very hard.Losing someone that has always be there by your side,whenever things go right or wrong,whenever you went through your ups and downs is hard.Losing someone that is in your everyday life that you would never thought would leave you is just hard.Losing your idol is hard.Losing your motivator is hard.Losing your problem solver and listener is hard.But losing your FATHER is the worst part.Combine all of it together,the lose hurts a million times more.
          I'm adapting to his loss better now.But it is not in a million year because I've forgotten all of our memories together,It is simply because I've learnt that no matter how hard I cry,things will never change.Life must go on.His body might no longer be present in this world.But he stays comfortably at the highest and safest spot there is,that is in my heart.And he shall stays there forever.In my heart and memories.I would love to thank you for everything abah,everything.Sorry for all the wrong things that I've done wether I realise it or not.I can never repay everything that you've done for me and our family.You're the best.Tonight and everynight,I shall sleep with you in my heart.
God looked around his garden,and found an empty space.Then he looked down upon this earth,and saw your tired face.He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.God's garden must be beautiful,he only takes the best.
So to everyone who has loss your loved ones,jangan risau,mereka mesti tengah baik-baik sahaja dekat atas sana. =) May all of their beautiful soul rest in peace.Amen,

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